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We offer a huge selection of equipment from premium brands for personal and commercial use. This includes a variety of adjustable bench models, from modular benches, bench combos, and FID benches to folding bench systems.

Adjustable bench from top-tier brands

Treadmill Factory brings you top-of-the-line adjustable bench equipment from leading brands, such as Element Fitness, Body-Solid, Cap and Cap Deluxe, XM Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Reebok.

Adjustable benches are an indispensable addition to your at-home gym and a must-have for any small- or medium-sized commercial gym.

Adjustable workout bench exercises

Adjustable benches provide full workout flexibility that can help build strength, gain muscle, and get your body in shape in many ways. To make the most of any adjustable workout bench, here are some core exercises to include in every strength training routine:

  • Concentration curls,
  • Dumbbell bench presses,
  • Dumbbell shoulder presses,
  • Incline dumbbell flys,
  • Bicep curls,
  • Decline bench presses,
  • Preacher curls,
  • Leg curls and extensions,
  • Skull crushers, and many more.

Adjustable workout benches: features and specs

Stability, comfort, and compact design best describe each of our adjustable bench inventory. These multi-purpose FID benches feature square tubing with electrostatic powder-coating, high-density poly-foam, multi-grip pull-up bars, multi-position functionalities, and anti-slip surfaces for better control and stability.

We also offer modular FID benches equipped with mods for leg extensions, leg curls and preacher curls. These expand the functionality of adjustable benches, allowing you to work on your knee, thigh, hamstring, and glute muscles both at home and at a gym.

Our commercial-grade adjustable Olympic Bench from Element Fitness is ideal for decline bench press exercises, helping you work on those hard-to-hit lower pecs.

Adjustable workout benches: use cases

A quality adjustable weight bench supports your body, helps guide your movements, and offers a wide range of uses. Its stability, build, and design are crucial to help elevate your exercising experience.

FID workout bench is a great addition to any home and commercial gyms in Canada.

Make the most of your adjustable bench workouts

Maximize your strength training gains and build muscle with premium FID adjustable benches that are fully adjustable from flat to incline and decline position. Exercise your entire body, from shoulders and chest to biceps and triceps, all the way to quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Check out our full range of adjustable benches and other strength training equipment. Shop online and have them delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Canada.