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Browse our online shop and get the best-quality heavy bag stands, mounts, steel chain assemblies, and swivels. Whether you are just starting out or already have a strong interest in boxing or martial arts, our training equipment will help you elevate your workout.

Why are bag stands and mounts important for boxing?

Heavy-bag workouts bring numerous health benefits, including enhancing aerobic fitness and improving core stability, coordination, strength, and endurance. For your training sessions to be safe and effective, you need a solid base to hold a punching bag in place.

The build, size, height, and weight support of your future punching bag stand or mount are some of the crucial factors to consider before purchasing. Whether you’re buying bag stands for your home gym or elite training facility, also consider the aspects of your space before making the final decision.

Best heavy bag stands and mounts built by industry-leading brands

Equip your training space with some of the top-quality Fight Monkey and XM Fitness stands and wall mounts. They’re carefully designed and built to last, showing no deterioration even after years of heavy use.

Shop online and get the right boxing equipment for your workouts. We offer the best prices and fast shipping to any location across Canada.

Bag stands, sets, and add-ons: features and specs

A sturdy, heavy-duty holder stand or mount is essential for gym equipment if you’re focused on punching bag workouts. To guarantee your training experience is seamless, we provide a range of punching bag holders that are stable, adjustable, and easy to assemble.

Our consumer and commercial-grade bag stands feature heavy-gauge solid steel construction. The strong build ensures balance for high-impact training and holds bags weighing 100 lbs to 125 lbs.

The stands are designed to be screwed to the floor surface, while specific models include custom footing to prevent rocking and keep the construction stable. Several frames we offer have a Butcher Block hardwood platform specially designed to eliminate vibration.

We also provide high-quality alternatives to the floor-mounted traditional stands for athletes and gym owners looking for reliable heavy bag wall mounts. Holes align for 16" on center wall studs and can withstand punching bag weights of 100 lbs to 150 lbs.

The Fight Monkey's 502HWM model can easily swivel aside when the equipment isn’t used to create more free space.

For boxing enthusiasts who seek heavy punch bag add-ons, Treadmill Factory offers welded steel chain assemblies, and individual chrome-plated, solid brass speed bag swivels for lightning speed bag workouts.