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Gymnastic wall bars for children and adults

BenchK gymnastic wall bars are the perfect combination of form and function. Combining the classic Swedish ladder design with modern needs, BenchK has created a piece of practical, safe, and aesthetically pleasing sports furniture. The multifunctional wall bars provide an easy way to add physical activity to any room, saving users space and time. Since its launch in 2015, BenchK wall bars have been providing individuals with a unique way to stay fit in the comfort of their own homes.

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Series 1 A Series 1 B

Series 1

H=220 cm (86 ⅝″)

These Series 1 Wall Bars are the perfect combination of form and function. Crafted from solid beech wood with a Scandinavian design, they feature two layers of organic oil produced in Germany based on linseed oil certified for contact with food. Ideal for lower ceilings, this wall bar also includes a beech wood BenchTop that can be adjusted to create a stylish and functional desk for adults and children alike. Hand-oiled for a beautiful finish, the whole family can enjoy these wall bars.

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Series 2 A Series 2 B

Series 2

H=230 cm (90 ½″)

Thanks to the combination of solid beech wood and steel, series 2 wall bars are a piece sports of furniture that fits perfectly into modern interiors. Multifunctional wall bars with additional equipment will be a great home gym, occupying only 1m2 of space. The BenchK DB1 dip bar has armrests and back support made of integral polyurethane foam.
Suitable for lower ceilings.

Available in black and white

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Series 5 A Series 5 B

Series 5

H= 240 cm (94 ½″) – 272 cm 107⅛″)

Series 5 wall bars with fixed steel pull-up bar. Series 5 allows floor-to-ceiling mounting without the need to drill in the wall. The top rung is not in line with the rest but positioned at an 8cm distance – more alternatives for hanging exercises. DB0B dip bar can be placed vertically on the wall bars, and used as a barbell holder.

Available in black and white

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Series 7 A Series 7 B

Series 7

H= 240 cm (94 ½″)

Series 7 wall bars allows doing a whole body workout without leaving home – pull-ups, dips, sit-ups, bench press or TRX training, etc. BenchK rotatable workout bench with rollers for knee support and additional seat allows performing wide range of exercises at an angle or in a horizontal position. Equally compatible with public and private spaces.
Suitable for lower ceilings.

Available in black and white

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Attachmets A Attachmets B

BenchK Accessories & Attachments

View BenchK accessories & attachments for additional items that can be used with exercise equipment to improve your workout experience, help you reach your fitness goals, and provide more variety to your workouts.

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Sports wall bars for children and parents

A BenchK multifunctional gymnastic wall bar is not only a piece of sports equipment - it's a lifestyle. It requires only 1 square metre of space and can easily be installed in almost any room, making it the perfect addition to any home. Not only does it provide a great workout for adults but, it can also serve as a climbing wall and a swing for your children, or even as a desk!

This home sports corner not only helps adults to stay fit but also encourages healthy habits in their children by having them copy their parents' exercises. The BenchK wall bar provides a safe and reliable playground for your kids that’s always open and ready for use.

Exercise ladders for professionals and gym amateurs

Having a dedicated space for daily training is essential for any professional, including firefighters, police officers, military personnel, bodybuilders, and anyone else looking to stay in shape. Users can get a full-body workout from their homes with a multifunctional wall bar with additional attachments, such as a pull-up bar, dip bar, and bench. There's something for everyone, with exercises ranging from pull-ups, dips, crunches, barbell presses, and TRX workouts. If you're new to exercising with a wall bar, don't worry – BenchK’s blog is an excellent resource for tips and tricks.

If you're looking for a piece of versatile workout equipment to add to your home gym, a Swedish ladder could be just what you need. Also known as a wall bars or stall bars, a Swedish ladder offers a variety of exercises that can help you build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your overall fitness. With its simple, yet effective design, a Swedish ladder can be used by people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Whether you're looking to work on your core strength, improve your posture, or simply want a new way to challenge yourself, a Swedish ladder is a great investment in your health and fitness. To find the best Swedish ladder for your needs, be sure to research reputable brands and read reviews from other users.