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How to exercise with Maxx Bench fitness equipment?

Maxx Bench self-spotter units are perfect for exercises like bench presses, incline bicep curls, dumbbell rows, plank holds, and mountain climbs. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, you can harness the potential of your bench to get maximum results.

The Wrecking Wall allows you to break through personal barriers without causing damage to any equipment or your training space. Use maximum force to throw an Indestructible Ball to power up your core and sculpt muscles. The Wrecking Wall will absorb and withstand the blow, no matter how powerful it might be.

The AirSled provides unlimited resistance: the harder you push it when running, the harder it gets to keep moving. This allows you to burn calories and build muscle mass while working on every part of your body.

Maxx Strength fitness brand: the leader in performance, safety, and workout efficacy

Maxx Strength is a popular workout equipment brand known for its flagship product, the Maxx Bench. The Maxx Bench is designed to provide the best user experience and increase performance while ensuring safe and comfortable workouts.

The brand aims to elevate the fitness game, provide access to all of the products and tools, and motivate athletes to push through their limits.

Maxx Bench workout equipment: features and specs

Maxx Bench Flat Bench with Wheel Set model is a utility bench without a rack. You can use this bench with an existing power rack or as a stand-alone unit. On the other hand, if you’re looking to acquire a full bench with the included rack, the Maxx Bench Olympic Flat Bench is the model to choose.

This unit features an innovative built-in gravity release for safety and optimal performance, making it the ultimate self-spotter bench for athletes who work out without supervision. The patented gravity-release system allows you to lower your body underneath the weights, which helps to avoid accidents and injuries.

The Wrecking Wall is the perfect equipment for heavy workouts. It’s made of a lightweight, durable fabric reinforced to resist tearing. The material can take a beating and withstand maximum force while keeping your walls safe from damage.

The AirSled provides an effective full-body workout in a single piece of equipment. The unit can be used on any surface, and you can change directions when running with it without stopping the exercise. The AirSled can be used at any athletic level, which makes it a powerful addition to group training programs.

Make the most of your Maxx Bench fitness equipment

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