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Our Progryp Fitness collection features various weightlifting equipment: straps, belts, hand grips, gloves, hooks, as well as wrist, knee, and elbow wraps and more. These high-quality products are designed and manufactured with powerlifters in mind, regardless of their fitness level and objectives.

Progryp Fitness equipment: features and specs

Progryp weightlifting gloves are made from a breathable mesh or high-quality rubber. Velcro wrist straps and loops are designed to make putting on and removing the gloves simple, ensuring a comfortable fit and pleasing aesthetics.

Choose from one of our weightlifting strap options of 100% heavy-duty cotton canvas or natural leather. Our Progryp straps are built to fit all sizes and maximize your workouts while reducing finger and hand discomfort.

The Progryp Fitness weight training belts are flexible and robust. We offer options made of high-quality grain leather or light, dense memory foam for improved mobility and comfort.

The Treadmill Factory Progryp program also includes products like leather grippers, tricep ropes with universal metal fitting and rubber handles, strong nylon ab crunch straps, and nylon-padded head harnesses.

Progryp Fitness weightlifting collection: use cases and benefits

Progryp lifting products cater to the needs of beginners and seasoned weightlifters. The equipment can be used in home gyms and commercial training centres.

The Progryp Fitness program is suitable for strength and conditioning workouts. To improve your health and athletic performance, build strong bones, avoid workout injuries, increase metabolic rates, and melt fat, concentrate your workouts on developing muscular mass, endurance, and flexibility.

Dumbbell rows, overhead Cossack squats, farmer carries, barbell wrist curls and extensions, and various other moves will help you power your workout and achieve the results you’re aiming for.

Choose Progryp Fitness for your weightlifting training

Whether you’re just tapping into the exciting world of weightlifting or you’re already a seasoned professional, The Treadmill Factory provides the equipment you need to make your body stronger, leaner, and more flexible than ever.

Browse our online store, order the desired Progryp Fitness equipment, and get quick and secure delivery to any location in Canada.