Get lost in immersive workouts built for your body. CLMBR is built to provide a more efficient workout in less time.

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On-Demand Fitness Access

24hr access to climbing and fitness classes for all experience levels. Take classes from our world-class instructors or climb your own route.

Instructor-Lead Classes

Our instructors provide a variety of styles, music offerings and class programs to keep you engaged and coming back for more. Whether you have 15 minutes or 60, we've got your back.

Guided Elevation Climbs

Push yourself to summit the nose of El Captain in Yosemite or make your way through the Rockies. Our guided elevation climbs bring the outside, in. Watch your elevation and resistance change with you as you explore your route.

Free Climb

Incorporate CLMBR into your existing fitness schedule. HIIT and compliments to lifting are perfect to combine with free climbing. Set your own circuit time and formats to achieve your goals.



Vertical climbing is easy on the joints and allows for life-long use without negative consequences. Your feet stay planted, it eliminates any pounding on your joints and prevents erratic movement that could cause injury. All while providing extensive fitness benefits and neurological stimulation.

Superior Cardio + Strength

The combination of cardio and strength training that CLMBR provides, allows the body to achieve higher output in less time. Vertical climbing tones your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs while also providing a calorie blasting cardio workout. Leg and arm day just became one.

Higher V02 Max

The maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise, has been shown to be significantly greater during climbing. Studies have also shown that heart rate is higher while vertical climbing due to the enhanced blood flow and perfusion of arm muscles held overhead against the force of gravity during climbing exercise.

Continued Caloric Burn

Studies have shown that vertical climbing can burn an average of 22.3 calories per minute and up to 800 calories in a 30 min session Due to the push of higher VO2 max, this level of output allows the body to continue burning fat and calories for hours after the workout.

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Powered By Your Potential

born from primal movement
Born from Primal Movement

At CLMBR, we’re always pushing to reach new levels. Existing climbing options and other cardio/HIIT based machines weren’t working anymore - so we made our own. Safety is a priority, so is sleek modern design that delivers the best possible workout. Welcome to the climb.

Track Progress and Accept Challenges

CLMBR levels up with you. Move at your own pace or accept new challenges.

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Reach New Levels Together

Never climb alone. With real-time metrics, you can climb with your friends and other CLMBR members, progress and standings can be viewed on the community leader board.


CLMBR was built for better. A machine built to move with you. Maximized for every workout, for every body.