ABMAT - Fat Rings (36mm)

ABMAT - Fat Rings (36mm)

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Outer Diameter 9.25"
Ring Diameter 36mm
Materials Wood
Colour Tan

ABMAT - Fat Rings (36mm)

Happy Fat Rings are a sustainable and eco-friendly workout accessory made of wood, boasting the largest diameter of any wooden rings at 36 millimeters. These rings eliminate painful bruising and chafing on pressure points, wrists, and hands.

With their wider surface, Happy Fat Rings provide an improved base of support for the "false grip," making them perfect for pushing exercises. The extra diameter works the hand and forearm muscles in ways that narrower rings cannot, offering a more comprehensive workout. The wider base enhances stability, making them attractive to new athletes. Meanwhile, experienced athletes will appreciate the reduction in joint pain, resulting in longer workout sessions.