ABMAT - Medicine Ball - 20lb

ABMAT - Medicine Ball - 20lb

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Diameter 14"
Weight 20 lbs

ABMAT - Medicine Ball - 20 lbs

Introducing the only ball tougher than the workout itself—medicine balls, reimagined.

Medicine balls have remained unchanged for two millennia. But the creators at AbMat decided to take a different approach by finding a solution instead of a fix for the problem of torn and damaged medicine balls. Hence, they introduced the first-of-its-kind AbMat Medicine Balls.

These unique medicine balls are made from a single-piece, polyurethane, single-foam injection molding, and are available in three weight denominations: 10lb, 14lb, and 20lb. They feature large, embossed numbers on both sides that are easy to read and won't fade over time. With a diameter of 14 inches, these balls are perfectly spherical, and the weight is evenly distributed, providing a thorough and effective workout.

The antibacterial closed-cell foam used in the balls is moisture-resistant and retains its shape, even with frequent use. The molded texture enhances grip, reducing the chances of slippage. These balls are perfect for high-intensity interval training and wall ball throws, and come with a two-year warranty that won't be voided due to slamming*.