ABMAT - Pivot Pad

ABMAT - Pivot Pad

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Length x Width x Height 18" x 10" x 3"
Construction Dual material construction
Foam Solid molded foam
Exterior Cleanable, textured exterior

ABMAT - Pivot Pad

With the Pivot Pad, you can transform any squat rack into a variable-height hip thrust machine. Simply attach the pad onto your barbell, and it will function like a high-quality hip thrusting machine. This pad is not only more affordable than commercial-grade machines, but also takes up less space. The Pivot Pad features a soft foam exterior and a rigid core, ensuring comfort and stability during use.

Traditional benches can be uncomfortable and difficult to set up for performing hip thrusts, with fixed heights that can compromise biomechanics. The Pivot Pad addresses these issues by adjusting to the user's height and simplifying setup. To use, sit on the ground with the pad against your upper back and start thrusting.