Athletic Works - Hand Grips: 2 Pack with Medium Resistance

Athletic Works - Hand Grips: 2 Pack with Medium Resistance

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Enhance your grip strength effortlessly with Athletic Works Hand Grips, versatile tools suitable for various activities like weightlifting and rock climbing. Crafted with a comfortable foam layer, these grips ensure extended use without causing discomfort to your palms and fingers. Offering medium resistance, they're ideal for boosting wrist and grip strength, aiding in larger lifts and enhancing overall performance. Moreover, these grips are beneficial for individuals recovering from conditions like Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, or tendon surgery. Their compact design makes them travel-friendly, allowing you to maintain your grip strength anywhere. Tailored to accommodate different hand sizes and budgets, these hand grips complement any exercise regimen seamlessly.

Foam Lined Handles

  • Comfortably exercise your hands, fingers, and wrist with foam-lined grips; feel the burn, not the pinch

Double the Fun

  • This package comes with two Hand Grips so you can simultaneously train both hands or share with a friend, whichever you prefer

Travel Size

  • Take advantage of a compact design to build your grip strength on the go, taking your hand grips to the gym, the office, or home

Medium Resistance

  • Medium resistance makes these grips the perfect tool for conditioning your hands for larger lifts, rock climbing, playing an instrument, or rehabilitating from a variety of ailments

Model #: AWHG18

Length x Width x Height 6.34" x 3.94" x 9.33"
Weight 1.5 lbs
Color Black
Model #: AWHG18