Beach Body Compact Agility Ladder

Beach Body Compact Agility Ladder

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Train like an elite pro athlete with this portable ladder. Sharpen your focus, concentration, and form for quicker, light-footed movement.

A tool to help boost your power, endurance, and athleticism. Train with more focus and concentration, and take your physical and mental skills to the next level.

How long is the ladder?
5 rungs, 5' 4" long, 17" wide and about 14 or 15" between rungs

How long is it?
It's literally only like 5 rungs- just about the picture length- so you can run back and forth or buy more to lengthen it

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Agility Ladder - Sharpen your focus and form with this portable ladder, and you'll get faster and more agile. In THE ASYLUM, you’ll use the Agility Ladder just like an elite pro athlete to help improve your coordination, speed, and agility. This tool helps you perform the exercises properly so you improve your athleticism and get absolutely insane results! Favored by professional athletes, this training tool is used for speed and power drills. It’s a target that helps keep you focused, and ensures that you always use perfect form. You’ll even notice that it helps you engage your abs more. Best of all, it adjusts with you, so you can start at your entry level and build up to elite. Fold it over for your jumps and progressions when you’re starting out, then extend it when you can jump longer and Dig Deeper. It’s also lightweight, so it can easily travel with you. Get faster, stronger, and more agile—so you can perform any sport or activity with eye-popping speed and skill. On game day, you'll have an unbeatable athletic edge.