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BenchK 100 Series 1 - Wall Bars

BenchK 100 Series 1 - Wall Bars

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About this item

Installation Instructions:

BenchK 100 Series 1 - Wall Bars

The new generation Swedish ladder is installed in all kinds of public facilities - offices, hotels, schools, gyms, clinics and airports, as well as private homes for daily use.


  • The set includes: wall bars (gymnastic ladder)
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg (265lbs)
  • Width: 64 cm (25 ¼″)
  • Height: 220 cm (86 ⅝″)
  • Weight: 14kg (30 lbs)
  • Minimum installation height: 230 cm (90 1⁄2″)
  • Mount type: to wall
  • Color: light beech
  • Material: beech wood
  • 8 oval beech wood rungs
  • Warranty: 2 years


Not included
Additional elements can be added to the BenchK gymnastic wall bars to create a compact training/working/playing area that takes up as little as 1 square metre, such as: wooden pull-up bar, desk top, gymnastic rings with a climbing rope with a swing.
Personalize it according to your lifestyle: your life, your rules, your design.


Multifunctional BenchK wall bars fits perfectly into a modern home, office, gym, fitness or yoga studio, rehabilitation center, hotel room, or any other public area.
This versatile exercise tool provides a full body bodyweight workout opportunity with a wide range of exercise options - spine flexion and extension, joint mobility, strength training, core conditioning, stretching, handstands, cardio, TRX training and many more.
For those who really think exercising shouldn’t be occasional, but rather an everyday experience.

Non-functional characteristics:

Wooden elements are hand-oiled with German organic oil based on linen, which is approved for contact with food.
Includes assembly kit (does not include wall mounting set, as its type depends on the type of wall).

For the installation of BenchK 1 Series:

In the case of:

  • Concrete
  • Solid bricks
  • Solid silicate brick

Please check the BenchK PS8 (min. wall thickness 12cm / 4.8in).
In case of the stud wall construction choose BenchK PS4 (without plastic plugs) and the brackets BenchK WH1.
BenchK wall bars blend perfectly with the look of any room thanks to its elegant and minimalist design, prioritizing simple forms, natural colors and textures.

Made in Poland conforming to PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2019-03 norms for gymnastic equipment.


We offer mounting solutions for your BenchK! Discover them here!

BenchK - WH1 Wall Holder

BenchK WH1 Wall Holder for Wooden Wall Bars

View BenchK Mounting attachments for additional items that can be used with BenchK to improve your workout experience and help you reach your fitness goals.

These brackets are only for the wooden studs frame construction.
If stud wall - BenchK WH1.
If standard concrete, brick, etc. - Screws and plugs.

View WH1 Wall Holder
Maximum user weight 265 lbs
Width 25.25"
Height 86.625"
Assembled Weight 30.9 lbs
Minimum ceiling height 90.5"
Mount Type to wall
Colour light beech
Material solid beech wood
BenchK Series 1 wall bars assembly instructions >>