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BenchK 711 Series 7 - Black - Wall Bars with Wooden Pull-Up Bar

BenchK 711 Series 7 - Black - Wall Bars with Wooden Pull-Up Bar


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About this item

Installation Instructions:

BenchK 700 Series 7 - Wall Bars - Black

When the design is done right, you don't have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. These wall bars can seamlessly fit into any interior thanks to a well thought through contrasting mix of matte steel with beech wood. No need to hide it in the garage.
Multifunctional BenchK wall bars fit perfectly into a modern home, office, gym, fitness or yoga studio, rehabilitation center, hotel room, or any other public area.
This versatile exercise tool provides a full bodyweight workout with a wide range of exercise options - spine flexion and extension, joint mobility, strength training, core conditioning, stretching, handstands, cardio, TRX training and many more.


Adjustable wooden pull-up bar
Thanks to the pull up bar's removable construction, it can be positioned at different rungs and adjusted to the user height.
You can perform a wide range of core, back and shoulder conditioning exercises.
Also, it allows doing spine stretches, mobility and resistance training, when straps or resistance bands are attached to it.
Different heights and angles of the wooden rungs allow you to adjust the intensity of stretches, as well as the resistance and tension you want to apply according to your body needs.
To make the most of it, pair it with a BenchK desk top (not included), to create either a sitting or standing work desk and save even more space in your living area.


  • The set includes: wall bars (gymnastic ladder), an adjustable wooden pull-up bar
  • Wall bar's maximum user weight: 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Wooden pull-up bar's maximum user weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Wall bar's width: 67 cm (26 3⁄8″)
  • Pull-up bar's width: 56 cm (22 ⅛ ″)
  • Height: 240 cm (94 ½″)
  • Weight: 26kg (57 lbs)
  • Minimum installation height: 250 cm (98 ½″)
  • Material: steel, solid beech wood, beech plywood
  • Colour: black matt
  • Steel profiles: 40 x 50 mm and 2mm thick, powder coated.
  • Cuts and holes are made by laser cutter, which guarantees precision and ideal shape.
  • 9 oval beech wood rungs
  • Wooden elements hand oiled with German organic linen-based oil, which is approved for contact with food.
  • Warranty for metal elements: 10 years
  • Warranty for other elements: 2 years
  • Mounting method: to the wall
  • Includes assembly kit.
    Does not include wall mounting screws and plugs, as their type depend on the type of wall.
  • In case of the installation of BenchK 7 Series to the wall made of concrete, solid bricks, solid silicate brick, please check the BenchK PS12 (min. wall thickness 12cm / 4.8in).
    In case of the stud wall construction choose BenchK WHB+S8.
  • Complies with PN-EN 12346:2001, PN-EN 913:2019-03 norms for professional gymnastic equipment.
  • Made in Poland.


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BenchK - WHB Wall Holder

BenchK WHB Wall Holder for Series 7 Black Wall Bars

View BenchK Mounting attachments for additional items that can be used with BenchK to improve your workout experience and help you reach your fitness goals.

These brackets are only for the wooden studs frame construction.
If stud wall - BenchK WHB.
If standard concrete, brick, etc. - Screws and plugs.

View WHB Wall Holder
Width 26.125"
Height 94.5"
Minimum Ceiling Height 98.5"
Mount Type to wall
Assembled Weight 58 lbs
Maximum user weight 265 lbs
Colour black
Material steel, beech wood
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