BenchK S1 A204 Gymnastic Accessories in Light Beech

BenchK S1 A204 Gymnastic Accessories in Light Beech

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Strap width 1"
Strap length 82.6"
Ring Inner Diameter 4.25"
Ring Outer Diameter 5.8"
Swing Diameter 11.8"
Maximum user weight 176 lbs
Assembled Weight 6.6 lbs

BenchK A204 Gymnastic Accessories

Gymnastic accessories will inspire to take up new challenges and physical activities. The set includes:

  • pair of gymnastic rings
  • climbing rope with a wooden swing

The accessories can be used by a person of up to 80 kg/176 lbs of weight.

The rings are made of beech plywood and are hung on black straps. Polished to perfection, the rings are smooth and safe for the hands. The straps are equipped with a buckle that allows for quick length adjustment as well as easy removal. Any excess strap can be fastened by a velcro strip. Once the child grows, the rings can be used as a TRX strap.

The rope is manually tangled in the upper section to loop form and secured at the very bottom, eliminating the need for metal and plastic elements. It can be used for climbing, or as a swing.