Century BOB XL - Body Opponent Bag

Century BOB XL - Body Opponent Bag

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Height 60" - 78"
Mannequin Width x Height 30" x 20"
(width and diameter vary at head, neck, chest, waist)
Base Diameter x Height 24" x 19.5"
Weight (when filled) 270 lbs
Model # BOBXLK

Century - BOB XL

Can you imagine always having a training partner readily available? Someone who won’t flinch away from the toughest punches and kicks? That’s what it’s like to have BOB in your home or gym!

Space isn’t an issue with BOB, either! The Body Opponent Bag is a freestanding bag, with a rounded base. To move BOB, you can easily tip the base onto its side and roll it into a storage space. Keep it in a corner, closet, or other out-of-the-way area until it is time to train. Then bring it out and get to work!

BOB is ideal for training in just about all standing martial arts! Any martial art that would use a regular punching bag, heavy bag, or heavy hanging bag, will work with BOB as well. Karate? Sure! Taekwondo? Of course! Tang soo do, muay thai, kung fu? You bet! And if you train a martial art with tactical applications, like krav maga or jeet kune do, then you’ll really notice the value of BOB. You can practice strikes that are not competition legal, like slaps, palm heel hooks, eye jabs, and more.