Fight Monkey Freestanding Target Heavy Bag

Fight Monkey Freestanding Target Heavy Bag

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Fight Monkey Freestanding Target Heavy Bag with Power Tilt Base

If you've ever wanted a heavy duty training bag, but didn't want to bother with a stand or installing a ceiling/wall mount, the Fight Monkey Freestanding Target Heavy Bag is for you!

Designed to be stable and resilient punch after punch, and kick after kick, this free standing training bag will help increase your upper and lower body conditioning while improving coordination.

Target Training

Various targets located all around the bag make training for accuracy fun and easy - 14 targets in all. Train with a partner calling out numbers, or just make up your own combos on the fly. The targets are a great way to improve your overall balance and coordination.

Power Tilt Base

The Power Tilt base can hold water or sand in order to improve its stability. Strike the bag hard enough, and it will tilt back towards you. This can be great for counter strike avoidance training, and also can help train your reaction time for repeated strikes.

  • The base holds up to 250 lbs of water or sand for stability
  • 14 targets to maximize your workouts
  • HEIGHT: 64" / 162.5 cm
  • DIAMETER of BAG: 14" / 35.5 cm
  • DIAMETER of BASE: 22" / 56 cm