Pro-Form® Smart Beat Flexible Heart Rate Monitor Strap Bluetooth

Pro-Form® Smart Beat Flexible Heart Rate Monitor Strap Bluetooth

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Optimize your workouts with the Pro-Form Smart Beat Heart Rate Monitor Strap. During your cardio routine, this device delivers continuous heart rate reading so you can ensure you are hitting your fitness goals by staying within your target fat burning or cardio zone. Fits comfortably around your torso and the water resistant and durable molded material makes it excellent for intense training sessions. This flexible strap is designed to measure your heart rate and is Bluetooth enabled for most smartphones, all types of cardio equipment and standard 5kHz heart rate watches. Replaceable battery is included.
  • Wireless Bluetooth capability for any smartphone with BLE heart rate capability and standard 5kHz heart rate watches
  • The sleek unisex design looks stylish on men and women
  • Water-resistant, durable molded construction to withstand heavy sweating during intense sessions
  • Accurately monitors your heart rate so you can reach your training goals effectively
  • Fits comfortably around the upper torso
  • Suitable for use with cardio equipment at home or the gym