ProForm - Body Blitz Home Gym

ProForm - Body Blitz Home Gym

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Model # PFSY39116

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ProForm - Body Blitz Home Gym

By utilizing basic principles of physics, the human body can engage with various fulcrum points and bar positions to generate a range of resistance levels during exercise. This allows individuals to select the optimal amount of resistance for each workout routine that aligns with their fitness goals and capabilities. Whether seeking a high-intensity challenge or a more gentle workout, individuals can easily customize the resistance levels to achieve a more personalized and effective exercise experience.

Multiple Resistance Levels

Using simple physics, your body combines with various fulcrum points and bar positions to create multiple levels of resistance. Choose the amount of resistance for each exercise that’s right for you.

Out-of-Box Easy Assembly

Get started in minutes, rather than hours, with the out-of-box easy assembly. A few quick setup steps and you’re on your way to better fitness.

Exercise Chart Included

Get full instructions along with informative pictures to over 15 exercises with the included exercise chart. You’ll learn how to work your entire body with perfect form.

Workout DVD and Meal Plan DVD Included

This two-disc set includes one disc devoted to exercise training and another disc with a full meal plan. Disc one provides 10-minute push and pull QuickFit workouts as well as a 20-minute comprehensive workout. Disc two instructs about healthy calories for a fit body.

Handle Rotation

While lifting and lowering the Body Blitz, you won’t have to worry about your hands rubbing and sliding. Each of the handles rotate along with you as you move.

Weight Capacity

The Body Blitz accommodates up to 300 pounds.