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There are many things to be said about The Log, but perhaps we should begin by saying that it is made from over forty kilos of steel.

Recent times have seen a shift away from body-building styles of training, back to ‘old school’ methods which transfer directly into athletics - and life - itself.

The Log, along with the atlas stone, is one of the more ‘conventional’ implements used in strongman training. It can be used for Olympic lifts like the clean-and-press and snatch as well as their component movements (military and push press and jerk), along with bent-over rows and partial bench presses. The Iron Edge Log is constructed of one solid, fully-welded piece and finished with a textured, matte-black powder-coat finish. The Log’s 50mm sleeves will fit Olympic weights and Lock Jaw collars for a total of 200 additional kilograms, which can be added as your burgeoning muscles require.

  • Total weight 94lbs
  • Includes Collars
  • Weights not included

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Great XM Strongman Log Bar

XM Fitness designed a great strongman bar. Although only 8 inches in diameter, this beast weighs 96lbs, has two well spaced handles (with large openings so that you hit your forearms) to accommodate almost any size frame and as an added bonus comes complete with snap lockers. XM Fitness Strongman Bar has great welds, sound quality and construction fits virtually any power rack all this @ 1/2 the price of it's competitors in Canada. I'm very pleased with my purchase.


Durable home gym tool.

Great home gym tool to use indoors or outdoors. While the clean and press is the standard, the log is great for floor presses, rows and squats as well. If you live in Canada, this is the most affordable option and luckily the quality is not sacrificed. The welds are all clean and the log itself is highly durable. Definitely pricey but a worthwhile investment.


Sooo Good

This log is super solid, and fits in any squat rack. I like it for clean and press and bench variations too. The best part is the two sets of handles. They are perfectly spaced for me, and the opening in the log is large enough to not bang the forearms. No regrets.


Good Log

Solid product, built very sturdy with thick steel, good welds. Weight about 95lbs for an 8" log. Only downside is that it's only 8" diameter while most logs you'd see in comps would be 10"(women) or 12".

Derek S.

Great Log

Great log and it comes with amazing black collars (not the metal screw ones in the pictures). At 94ish pounds, it's one of the heaviest log bars on the market (even heavier than 10-12" diameter log bars from top competitors - accept for one 12” from Rogue for LOTS of $$$). Even though it's only 8 inches in diameter rather than 10 or 12 inches, it’s a compact beastly log bar. Weight is more important than diameter, and allows for greater range of motion when pressing after the clean. Great product by XM Monkey.