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The Xm Fitness Gold Series Trap Bar is distinct due to its unique geometry, which significantly impacts how your body will bear the load and the types of exercises it is best suited for. It also enhances some of the traditional exercises.

The bar has a diamond shape, missing one side, allowing you to stand inside it and hold the handles to the sides. This allows for a more comfortable and natural hand position. Additionally, the load is placed around your body, making it ideal for shoulder shrugs.

The Trap Bar is a great choice for deadlifts, as it simplifies the teaching process by having two different handle heights. Additionally, it helps keep the torso more upright, thus reducing the strain on the spine. By remaining upright, the emphasis is taken off the posterior chain and is instead focused on the quadriceps, making it more effective for jump training.

The XM Fitness Gold Series Tap Bar now has an open side, which opens up a whole new array of exercises without losing any of the usual functions:

  • Lunges
  • Bulgarian Squats
  • Farmer’s Walk – single arm
  • Zercher Squats
  • Yoke

Overall Length: 84 1/4"

Collar Length: 17"

Collar to Collar (inside): 48 3/4" ** Rackable on standard racks and stands**

Grip Diameter: 29mm