XM Fitness Jungle IZ-S System

XM Fitness Jungle IZ-S System


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Functional training is the most popular way of training. It's helpful for improving sensitiveness, body balance, body coordination, speed, explosive power, reaction and many other abilities through strength training.

The XM JUNGLE SERIES with customized stations will break through the traditional training method. It could meet various individual and group demands depending on its modular design & the best adjustment ability. The space advantage and multi-functional composite performance will bring you to a brand new fitness level. XM Fitness offers you professional and high-quality equipment.


IZ7001 stretching station IZ7003rebounder station IZ7011 S-joint

Occupied area (Length×width×height)


Activity occupied area

The S-shape covers about 20㎡, allow at least 4 people to train together

Alternate accessories

IZ7009 step attachment, IZ7010 dip attachment, IZ7012 pivot, kettle-bell, battle rope, TRX, medicine ball, barbell, etc