XM Fitness Rig Half Rack

XM Fitness Rig Half Rack

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XM Rig Half Rack

The XM Rig Half Power Rack sets a new standard in commercial power racks. Backed with a lifetime, full commercial frame warranty and with several unique features, it is the perfect half rack for any gym, sports team facility, CrossFit box, PT studio or premium home gym.The half rack is designed with multiple, laser-cut holes to ensure the spotter catchers or XM J Hooks can be set at any height.

The half rack frame is supported by an extended base structure to ensure over 1000lbs maximum load capacity and security when performing a wide range of exercises. The extended base frame also allows for any bench to be fully utilised in the half rack.

The wide range of chin-up options include; a straight bar for muscle-ups and standard chin-ups, grip ball attachments to improve grip strength and give the ultimate chin-up challenge; Multi-grip handless, dip bars, single split squats & more!

The unit includes two safety arms, 2 j hooks and 6 plate holders.

Combine your racks to build a superior space saving storage solution for your facility with our XM Rig system attachments!


  • 2 x 5321
  • 1 x 4186
  • 2 x 4726
  • 1 x 4727

*Accessories are not included. Rig storage componets are not included

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Rack Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
62" x 64" x 96"
Weight 200 lbs
Package Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
Box 1 65" x 12" x 6"
Box 2 95" x 8" x 6"
Box 3 44" x 15" x 7"