XM Fitness Round Training Grips

XM Fitness Round Training Grips

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Round Training Grips

The XM Round Training Grips are simple weight training aids that allow you to train more efficiently and effectively. Designed to add variety, increase grip strength, reduce joint discomfort, and improve sports performance.

Round Training Grips allow a unique style of grip that can improve overall grip strength by letting the users hand naturally form around the handle. This can also help reduce strain on the wrists and shoulders and help strengthen your grip.

Simply slip the Round Training Grips onto your bar, dumbbells, or cable handles. The design allows the hand to form a unique and comfortable arch around the ball, greater utilizing your Ring and Pinky fingers for a stronger functional-grip – ideal for strength training and also grip rehabilitation. On a straight bar you can swap from an orthodox (normal) grip to an EZ-style grip (wrists angled inward) or neutral-grip (palms facing) to improve comfort and reduce strain on the wrists, elbows, or shoulder complex.

Round Training Grips are the approximate size of a Baseball or Cricket Ball, making them great for performing exercises with a pitching or bowling grip – ideal for sports-specific training.

The Perfect Fit

The grips easily attach on to any bar or handle shaft measuring 25mm - 32mm in diameter. This includes almost all 1" standard, 2" Olympic bars, cable handles, rig systems and dumbbells. Grips measure 70mm / 2.75" across.