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A Versatile Mini Bench Pull At A Fraction Of The Price.

More space and budget friendly than a standard Bench Pull set up, the Seal Pad allows supported rowing movements to be performed with a full range of movement – something simply not possible with a regular Incline Bench. Cheating becomes next to impossible, which not only standardises each rep but keeps the lower back safe even when maxing out.

To get the most out of your Lynch Pad for rowing, we suggest pairing with our XM Single post barbell hook  for a dramatically increased range of motion compared to standard rows. Once you start, you'll never want to go back to traditional bent rows.

Easy to move and adjust, simply use the bottom pin to lock in your position and top pin to lock your angle. There are no moving parts or fiddly screws, allowing for quicker transitions and superior durability. Nylon inserts line the inside similar to our J-Hooks, including underneath the frame, to help keep your uprights looking fresh.

Fits on any XM INFINITY series rig other brands that have 3″ x 3″ uprights and 1″ holes