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The Treadmill Factory offers lasting, high-traction athletic flooring options for personal gyms and elite training centres in Canada. Protect your floors and training equipment from damage and keep workouts safe with Gorilla flooring options.

Floor exercise mats and strips: features and specs

Our selection of fitness mats provides resilient and durable flooring for all exercises and workout intensities, regardless of the gym setting.

If you’re looking for a portable mat for lighter training sessions, the Gorilla Flooring Rubber Roll is the product to go for. The 3 mm thick, 4' x 50' high-quality rubber will insulate the floors and keep you grounded and safe from slipping during workouts. When your session is finished, simply roll and store the mat away to keep the training space neat.

For athletes and gym owners looking for more substantial, permanent floor protection, we offer 4'x 30', 5 mm thick sled strips made of the highest quality artificial turf in green colour. Whether you are pushing or pulling a sled across your training space, the strips will reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of your floors.

The Elevate Series raises the bar for athletic facilities. Made with indoor fitness and sporting venues in mind, our Green Promo Turf is designed to withstand the wear and tear of constant use and heavy training. The Green Promo Turf is made of resistant urethane with a 5 mm attached pad in a green field colour.

Why do you need high-quality gym flooring?

Training on uninsulated surfaces poses a serious risk for athletes. It can also deteriorate floors and damage training equipment. This risk intensifies in the case of heavy workouts focused on weightlifting exercises.

Athletic flooring options like gym mats and sled strips are specially designed to prevent damage to your workout facility. They also serve as solid footing that guarantees injury-free workouts, regardless of the training intensity.

Whether looking for fitness mats for your personal training space or a commercial gym, you’ll find the suitable option at The Treadmill Factory online store.

Choose quality gym flooring made by reliable fitness brands

If you’re looking to equip your training centre or home gym, look no further than The Treadmill Factory. We offer our home brand and Gorilla flooring mats that are easy to install and maintain, providing high-impact resistance athletes need during light and heavy indoor workouts.

Protect your floors and ensure safe training with premium gym mats and strips

Join thousands of athletes and gym owners who trust The Treadmill Factory. Choose the perfect athletic flooring for your space and place the order in our online shop in just a few seconds.

Check out our selection of gym flooring and mats, and find the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.