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Frequency Fitness is a well-respected brand that manufactures high-quality cardio equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, water rowers, and fitness equipment accessories like pedals, cycling consoles, vibration machines, and heart monitors.

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Frequency Fitness equipment: features and specs

The exclusive line of Frequency Fitness equipment is known for its endurance, reliability, and polished design.

Frequency Fitness treadmills are state-of-the-art cardio machines with heavy-duty frame construction. They come with a variety of features like orthopedic running belts, body fat indicators, exercise intensity setups, shock-absorbing floating decks, different connectivity options, and much more. In addition, these units are also foldable, making them the perfect treadmill for users with limited space.

Indoor bikes are other popular equipment in the Frequency Fitness lineup. A controlled resistance brake system, ultra-quiet and maintenance-free belt drive system, comfortable padded seats, and anti-slip pedals with straps are a few of these bikes’ specs.

Furthermore, Frequency Fitness also offers adjustable fluid resistance water rowers, vibration machines with remote control, wireless cycling consoles with built-in heart rate receivers, and silicone treadmill lubricants for reducing friction and decreasing treadmill wear and tear.

Frequency Fitness delivers top-of-the-line cardio machines.

Treadmill Factory partners with industry-leading brands to ensure you have the best exercising experience with each product we offer.

Frequency Fitness is a local Canadian manufacturer that produces prime gear for an effective strength and endurance workouts. Their equipment is highly rated and endorsed by numerous fitness coaches across the country.

Frequency Fitness equipment workouts

Running isn’t the only thing you can do on a treadmill. The Frequency Fitness Wave 5000T is a versatile machine that has many workout options: walking lunges, side shuffles, walking planks, mountain climbers, incline pushups, and more.

If you want to push your indoor bike game further, check out the Frequency Fitness 1000U Upright Exercise Bike where you can do a combination of driving exercises with pedals forward and backward and with hands-on or the steering wheel. You can try different resistance levels to burn more calories and enjoy an excellent aerobic workout.

Water rowers (Frequency Fitness Plus Water Rower) and vibration machines (Frequency Fitness Vibration Machine 10) will help you work on many muscles in the upper and lower body, reduce back pain, and improve your overall posture.

Frequency Fitness cardio machines: use cases

Frequency Fitness cardio machines offer unique features which allow for a comfortable, powerful, and efficient workout. These products are ideal for avid users but accessible enough for beginners and recreational users.

Frequency Fitness gear is optimized to fit perfectly in any home training setup and for commercial use in small and medium gym systems.

Make the most of Frequency Fitness training equipment

Frequency Fitness delivers outstanding cardio machines and training equipment suitable for everyone, whether for a recreational workout or a fitness pro. Choose from a wide variety of durable yet compact exercise equipment for running, cycling, rowing, or exercising with vibration plates.

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