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Lebert Fitness is the industry leader in innovative workout equipment that produces training tools known for versatility and portability. The quality of Lebert Fitness products was recognized on many occasions and confirmed in 2021 when EQualizer won the Best Bodyweight Training Tool award in the Men's Health Home Gym Awards.

Make the most of your True Fitness equipment

Lebert Fitness equipment is easily adjusted to work for all fitness levels, making it a perfect fit for anyone looking to do full-body workouts independently or in tandem. Lebert EQualizers and stretch straps are perfect for every commercial gym system and are often used in personal training sessions without supervision.

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Lebert Fitness Canada equipment: features and specs

Lebert EQualizer is the ultimate all-in-one piece of strength training equipment. EQualizers are lightweight and easy to use and store, and they allow you to work out safely with or without a trainer. They come in a pair of separate bars with a wide feet-to-height ratio making them stable enough for even the most demanding workouts.

Lebert Buddy System stretch straps for exercise are a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts and pros looking for more than just a suspension system. Made of ballistic nylon strapping with UV protection, military-grade handles and heavy-duty stitching, Lebert Buddy System will help you do a full-body workout in a short time while bonding with your exercising partner.

Lebert EQualizers and stretch straps are perfect for full-body workouts

Lebert EQualizer enables you to perform hundreds of exercises regardless of your fitness level and regime. From dips and stretches to push-ups, pull-ups, knee and leg raises and L-sits, the combination of movements will help you strengthen the entire body in a single session.

Lebert Buddy System straps for exercise can be used for various workouts, including stability training, unilateral and bilateral training, and core strengthening.