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Treadmill Factory’s Olympic Lock-Jaw collars lineup features first-class safety equipment for locking weights on the barbells and keeping them in place. Our sturdy, carefully designed barbell collar locks are perfect for heavy weights exercises, from squats and deadlifts to bench presses.

Lock-Jaw safety workout equipment: features and specs

Lock-Jaw add-ons are an ideal choice for heavy lifters engaged in high-impact workouts. They are effortless to install and remove to adapt your workout.

The incredible clamping power of our Lock-Jaw collars keeps your weights steady and secure during workouts. The elastomer pads and resin frames protect the bars and plates from deterioration, keeping your sessions safe and your equipment long-lasting.

Lock-Jaw elite equipment is designed for all lifts, including bumper plates, Olympic-style and powerlifting.

Lock-Jaw ONE is a lightweight and durable alternative to standard collars, featuring a quick, one-handed patented Lock-Jaw latch.

The Lock-Jaw HEX model is known for its proprietary dual-compound construction and unique design. It easily fits all 50mm / 2" bars.

Lock-Jaw PRO 2 set is an ideal choice for bumper plate workouts. A permanent snap-latch keeps the collar secure throughout even the heaviest workouts, increasing strength and holding power by more than 50% compared to the classic version.

The grey Lock-Jaw Elite model is made of hybrid steel and thermoset polymer resin. It’s the best choice for bumper plate workouts, competitions, and other extreme environments.

Lock-Jaw barbell collar locks keep your workouts safe and effective

Barbell collars play a vital role in safe weightlifting. Choosing high-quality collars is crucial to keep your plates and your body safe during high-impact workouts.

Olympic Lock-Jaw collars significantly reduce the chance of injury, increasing the lifespan of your plates and bars. Investing in subpar equipment like this is a must for every weightlifter athlete, beginner or pro.

Lock-Jaw manufacturers have developed thorough testing procedures to ensure their collars meet the strictest criteria and perform at the highest level. From cyclic drops, opens, and closes to clamp force tests, static slips, and gantry drops, Lock-Jaw barbell collars are consistently evaluated to guarantee security, durability, and performance.

Quality and reputation of Lock-Jaw branded barbell collar locks

Lock-Jaw is the world leader in premium barbell collars. Their Olympic collar series is known for creative design, high-calibre performance, and remarkable sturdiness.

Lock-Jaw is a revered barbell collar manufacturer thousands of coaches, universities, commercial gyms, and lifters worldwide rely on.

Make the most of your Lock-Jaw safety gym equipment

For your weightlifting sessions to yield optimal results, you must first ensure they’re safe at all times. This is where Lock-Jaw barbell collars come in. Pick the best set from our store to keep your equipment secure from damage and yourself safe from injuries.

Order Lock-Jaw safety equipment from our online shop and have the products shipped quickly and conveniently anywhere in Canada.