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Manual treadmills offer effective muscle-powered training at home or gym. The compact design, low maintenance, and improved mobility make these cardio machines popular among beginner and fitness pros.

Find the manual treadmill for running and walking for your needs at Treadmill Factory. We carry leading models such as the Assault Air Runner Pro, Assault Air Runner Elite, and XM Fitness Curve Racer. We ship right to your door, anywhere in Canada.

Non-motorized treadmills: workouts and use cases

Manual treadmills are muscle-powered workout machines that leverage your strength instead of electricity. This makes them ideal for lower-body exercises focused on burning fat, increasing mobility, and building stamina.

Regardless of your fitness levels and goals, manual treadmill workouts bring numerous benefits like improved heart health, blood sugar regulation, better weight control, increased muscle strength, as well as a notable motivation boost.

Non-motorized treadmill belt stops moving when you do. Therefore, these workout machines can be safely used by exercisers of all ages and physical abilities.

Non-motorized treadmills are also used by professional athletes, primarily in high-intensity interval workout training sessions.

Branded manual treadmill program for beginners and pros

Treadmill Factory highly values your safety and comfort. To ensure your workouts are secure, effective, and enjoyable, we only provide high-quality branded gear with impeccable specs and a wide range of use cases.

Our non-motorized treadmill program features a narrow selection of models like runner elites and pros, curve racers, and HIIT trainers manufactured by household name brands such as Assault Fitness and XM Fitness.

Manual treadmills with incline: features and specs

Compared to the standard motorized treadmills, manual treadmill is an alternative with added security, versatility, and mobility.

Instead of using electrical power, these machines rely on your body’s strength to move the running belt. A user-defined speed range allows you to pick your own pace and exercise with low to no risk of injury.

Most non-motorized treadmills support user weight of up to 400 lbs. and feature low-impact design, sturdy steel frame and handrails, corrosion-resistant hardware, incline range of up to 7°, and transport wheels for seamless unit mobility.

Some of our manual treadmill models also offer additional functionalities like Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, high-contrast UV-resistant consoles for progress tracking, multifunctional storage compartments, and water bottle holders.

Manual treadmills are extremely practical. They don’t have to be stationed near electrical outlets, so you can set them up anywhere you want.

Make the most of your manual treadmill for running and walking

Manual treadmills are powered by your body instead of electricity. They are a safe, versatile, and sustainable choice for exercisers of all fitness and mobility levels. Whether you’re running a fitness center or assembling gear for your garage gym, these practical machines are the best buy.

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