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Shop premium-quality Body Solid fitness equipment at The Treadmill Factory. Welcome to the one-stop shop for athletes and gym owners who seek to equip their training spaces with top-of-the-line gym equipment. From durable dumbbell and kettlebell racks, adjustable FID benches, inversion tables, biceps and triceps machines, leverage bench and leg presses, single-stack home gyms, and more, we offer a wide variety of Body Solid strength machines and equipment.

We also offer a selection of Body Solid add-ons such as squat attachments, Olympic adapter sleeves, fitness bars, Olympic bar holders, and practical accessories like bicep bombers and ball rebounders.

Body Solid fitness equipment and accessories: features and specs

The ultimate workout starts with reliable, safe, and convenient exercising equipment. Our Body Solid collection consists of top-tier fitness machines, storage options, attachments, and accessories designed to help athletes achieve their training goals.

The Treadmill Factory online store offers an array of wall-mounted and standing equipment racks, Olympic trees, power racks and cages, functional trainers, dipping belts, dip attachments, utility stools, and other Body Solid branded products.

We provide a selection of Body Solid equipment for home and commercial use. Heavy-duty builds, various weight capacities, and multiple use cases make these fitness products perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes.

Ultra-thick DuraFirm™ upholstery offers lumbar support, while the structural integrity of our machines guarantees secure training and ultimate comfort. The 12-gauge solid steel construction ensures equipment strength, function and longevity.

The versatility of the Body Solid training equipment program

Regardless of your fitness level and current objectives, our Body Solid selection provides practical and effective equipment for you to choose from. Target specific muscle groups or work your entire body and store the equipment after training securely and conveniently.

If you run a training facility and want to offer only the best to your clients, browse our offer of commercial gym equipment manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Body Solid: a brand that stands for comfort and unmatched results

Body Solid is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing gym equipment, including weights, machines, and training accessories. The brand features over 500 different units covering all use levels, including home and garage gyms, commercial workout facilities, schools, police and fire departments, military and government, rehab/medical facilities, and more.

Optimize your training sessions with Body Solid branded equipment

Are you training to burn calories, get leaner, strengthen your muscles, improve durability and flexibility, or keep your health in check? Whichever your ultimate goal might be, you’ll find the equipment you seek here at The Treadmill Factory.

Check out our Body Solid gym equipment selection and find the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at factory-direct prices and deliver across Canada. Shop now.