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Powerline Strength Training Equipment has been a lifesaver for many people. You can get in shape from e privacy and comfort of your own home with no travel time or hassle! The equipment is top quality, making it easy to perform exercises that will help you sculpt every part of your body into exactly what you want.

The Powerline Strength Training lineup includes machines like adjustable FID benches, leg curl extensions, glute max systems, crunch boards, Roman chairs, Lat and Smith machines, power racks, single stack home gyms, as well as workout machine attachments and storage units.

Awaken the strength of your body with premium Powerline fitness gear

Whether you want to build strength and endurance, improve balance, sculpt target muscle groups, strengthen the core, or burn calories and fat, Powerline by Body-Solid has what you are looking for.

From weightlifting and ab crunches to working on glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps, there’s no limit to what your body can do with a few purposefully selected Powerline fitness products.

Make the most of your Powerline fitness equipment.

With the help of Powerline fitness gear and attachments, burning calories and shaping and strengthening your body has never been easier.

Check out the full range of Powerline fitness products on our website. Shop online and deliver the equipment directly to your door, anywhere in Canada.

Alternatively, visit one of the Treadmill Factory local superstores near you. Our experienced staff awaits you in our Ontario stores in Markham, Mississauga, London and Barrie and our Alberta stores in Calgary and Edmonton.

Powerline fitness equipment: features and specs

The Powerline fitness gym gear selection includes every workout and training type. Functional, portable, and easy to use, the equipment in our store is made to withstand heavy workouts and years of dedicated use.

Quality builds, comfortable pads, adjustable features, no-slip design, and easy assembly make the Powerline functional trainers, stack home gyms, Smith and crossover machines, vertical leg presses, preacher curl benches, seated calf raises, and other training machines very popular among athletes and fitness centre owners.

A huge collection of add-ons for leg presses and Smith machines can help transform your base equipment into a powerhouse to push your workouts to the limits.

Powerline helps you build your dream body, one muscle at the time

For more than 15 years, Body-Solid’s Powerline strength training equipment has been known for its effectiveness, versatility, and endurance.

Powerline selection of fitness products allows you to work out at home or a gym where you can quickly tone your body to perfection, whether you exercise with a trainer or not.

Powerline gear is engineered with beginner weightlifters and accomplished bodybuilders in mind, and it makes for a welcome addition in every traditional and garage gym.