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Browse The Treadmill Factory collection of Productive Fitness handbooks, posters, and DVDs to find practical and helpful resources to improve or elevate your workout routines for optimal results.

Learn how to properly use dumbbells, kettlebells, heavy bags, medicine balls, and other fitness equipment. Find valuable video training lessons on Yoga, stretching targeted exercises, and much more.

Productive Fitness training resources: features and specs

Our Productive Fitness handbook collection consists of paperback publications that provide detailed instructions about:

  • Training with heavy bags, dumbbells, kettlebells, speed bags, and medicine and body balls;
  • Making the most of your Yoga sessions by setting up your program and exercising safely;
  • Training your entire body with the help of stretch tubing exercises;
  • Pushing your body beyond limits using versatile foam rollers.

We also offer illustrative Productive Fitness posters dedicated to all mentioned workouts, heart rate charts, muscle diagrams, and battle rope training visual guides.

Ultimately, at The Treadmill Factory, you’ll find multi-functional DVDs that contain libraries of demonstrated knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Choose a DVD about resistance tubing exercises and receive free downloadable stretching posters and muscle diagrams. If you opt for the F31 workout program package, you will receive two DVDs, a wall chart, a nutrition program, a membership card, an F31 band, and a Virtual 10-week coach.

Expand your knowledge with the help of Productive Fitness publications

Training can be pleasurable and effective when done right. The Treadmill Factory selection of Productive Fitness resources can help you learn new information and expand existing knowledge on various fitness-related topics.

Whether you prefer to learn by reading, watching illustrative examples while working out, or getting guided instructions on performing specific movements, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about the Productive Fitness brand

Productive Fitness is a brand dedicated to bringing knowledge about exercising to everyone. Their physical publications and digital downloads inspire athletes worldwide to maximize their training, lose body fat, build muscles, improve flexibility, and stay healthy.

Make the most of our selection of Productive Fitness resources

When it comes to safe and effective training, you can never have too much knowledge. Check the Productive Fitness handbooks for titles relevant to your routine, choose posters to remind you of targeted movements, or exercise by following video sessions available on one of the educational DVDs.

Browse our online store to find and order the resources you need for an effective and productive workout.