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We offer a select range of Spirit Medical equipment designed for aiding in the physical rehabilitation process for patients with orthopedic and neurological problems.

The available program includes a recumbent lower body ergometer, recumbent total body stepper, and a bi-direction gait trainer treadmill model. Training machines from this program are used in sports medicine, wellness, and general conditioning programs.

Spirit Medical rehabilitation equipment: features and specs

MR100’s Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer design focuses on hip and lower body joint mobility. Users can input desired knee flexion angles, and the software will suggest the pedal and the seat’s fore/aft position.

Heart rate monitoring works with hand grips or an optional heart rate chest strap. Variables like body symmetry and limb length can be tracked so that clinicians can tailor rehabilitation plans to every patient’s needs.

The MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper facilitates full-body exercise in coordinated, linear, and natural leg-to-arm motion. Self-adjustable stroke length accommodates each patient’s range of motion, providing low-impact movement for knees, ankles, and hips.

The Spirit Medical MT200 Bi-Direction Gait Trainer Treadmill features three motors that help users achieve bi-directional training combined with uphill or downhill protocols.

The parallel bars, deck height, and belt speed acceleration are adjustable in small and precise increments, adding more versatility to exercise and therapy options.

Biofeedback helps clinicians assess the user’s gait performance. This treadmill is ideal for pediatric exercises done by neurologically impaired patients and similar relevant demographics.

Typical uses and applications of Spirit Medical equipment

The MR100 and MT200 models are created to suit the needs of patients in therapy for conditions like knee replacements, arthritic conditions, tendonitis, ACL, MCL, and PCL rehabilitation. The M300 model is made to be used in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurological and cardiac rehabilitation, and wellness training.

Some of the common uses of Spirit Medical equipment include:

  • Warming up patients before physical therapy sessions,
  • Instructing patients to pedal to improve range of motion after knee, hip, ankle, shoulder or wrist surgery,
  • Motivating patients to maintain even power symmetry between left and right legs, arms, or shoulders,
  • Allowing patients to perform various cardiovascular exercises.

Spirit Medical: Canadian manufacturer of top-tier therapeutic equipment

Spirit Medical is a Canadian company known for developing science-based solutions to opportunities identified within the rehabilitation field.

Spirit Medical Systems Group provides patient care facilities through innovative and high-quality therapeutic products, including a rehabilitation treadmill, recumbent stepper, and upright and recumbent fitness bikes.

Help patients and athletes recover using the powerful Spirit Medical equipment

Spirit Medical equipment is focused on aiding the physical rehabilitation process. If you are looking to help patients or athletes get better and regain movement abilities after injury or operation, the Spirit Medical equipment will be an influential asset.

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