Gorilla Black Rubber 8.5mm Gym Tile 23"x23" Pack of 6

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Gym Flooring & Exercise Mats – The Treadmill Factory

Empower your workouts with The Treadmill Factory's high-quality gym flooring options. We provide a selection of rolling, interlocking, and folding mats, as well as lifting accessories, workout gloves, and Yoga and Pilates mats and kits in various dimensions and materials.

Fitness flooring tiles and mats: features and specs

Fitness mats represent a stable foundation for safe and productive workouts in all gym settings. We offer carefully selected options to ensure comfort and support, whether you exercise lightly or push yourself to the limits.

Shop top-quality gym mats for your training and choose the right flooring thickness, material, size, and features that suit your workout routine.

Our standard exercise mats are made of thick foam that provides a firm and comfortable surface for workouts and stretching sessions. They are easy to clean, handle, and store when not used. You can also choose between rolling or folding alternatives.

If Yoga and Pilates represent the core of your exercise routine, here you’ll find many flooring options in different colours and dimensions. Eco-friendly materials, non-slip surfaces, and several thickness variants (from 6 mm to 1.5 cm) will provide a solid footing for exercises like crunches, push-ups, planks, and kneeling.

Our interlocking rubber floor mats are sold both individually and in 6-and 12-tile packs so that you can design gym flooring perfect for your training space.

Additionally, you can choose drop mats, Yoga kits, abdominal sit-up mats, and interlocking foam mats with a simulated wood finish.

Fitness mats and flooring: exercises and use cases

High-quality gym flooring options are essential for undisturbed and safe workouts. They protect the floors from scratching while providing stability and traction you need to avoid exercise-related injuries.

Thinner gym flooring products are best for exercise routines focused on Yoga, cardio, callisthenics, and other lighter workouts. On the other hand, the thicker and sturdier mats can protect your floors and weightlifting equipment from damage if you engage in heavy strength training.

Put your trust in flooring and mats made by top-tier brands

Equip your personal or commercial gym to the highest standards with Beach Body, Element Fitness, Gorilla flooring, Jasmine Fitness, or Stratusphere exercise mats and weightlifting accessories.

Our collection of gym flooring options includes products designed to cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders alike.

Get your workout off the ground with stable, durable fitness flooring options

Protect your space and fitness equipment while ensuring your training sessions are secure and effective. The Treadmill Factory provides an array of gym mats perfect for all exercises and fitness objectives.

Our online shop is the place to find and order high-quality, durable gym flooring for your training space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.