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The StairMaster climbing equipment is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and professionals focused on cardio, endurance, and muscle-building workouts. Whether you choose the Free Climber or the StepMill model, your next StairMaster machine is sure to become one of your core equipment.

StairMaster fitness gear: workouts and use cases

If you are looking for a cardio workout machine that will help burn calories and increase core muscle strength, StairMaster steppers are excellent.

Exercising on these machines strengthens and tones lower body muscles: glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Stair climbing is an aerobic workout that raises your heart rate, burns fat and engages your core.

Building a stronger lower body, in addition, will make a whole range of other training sessions easier and more effective: from running to weight lifting.

Whether you’re just starting or consider yourself an experienced trainer, the StairMaster machine is a piece of gear you will never regret investing in.

Make the most of your StairMaster steppers

StairMaster quality gear is an ideal choice for individuals into cardio and strength workouts. The equipment is perfect for home gyms, fitness centers, and medical offices alike.

If you’re looking to buy a StairMaster climber or stepper from a reliable supplier of high-quality fitness equipment, check out the full range of workout machines here.

StairMaster machine program: features and specs

Step machines or steppers are powerful, low-impact workout machines. They are quiet and portable, enabling athletes to partake in effective aerobic activities without stressing the joints.

With the StairMaster machine, you can maximize your cardio workouts and tone and sculpt your lower body faster.

The StairMaster FreeClimber-D-1 Console model is excellent for short, high-intensity endurance workouts. A small footprint, a range of programming options, backlit LCD console display, ergonomic handrails, and quiet step design make this StairMaster machine a piece of fitness equipment that’s always in high demand.

StairMaster StepMill 3 is the compact unit model led by its StepMill 5 counterpart. It offers incredible features and specs: integrated heart rate contact sensors, automatic safety stop sensor, injection-moulded plastic shrouding, large LCD display, and additional features like a water bottle holder and built-in reading rack.

StairMaster stands for quality and innovation

StairMaster is a renowned fitness brand in the ownership of the Core Health and Fitness company. The brand is well known for training equipment such as climbing and cardio machines and dumbbell sets and has operated in the industry for almost 40 years.