Functional Trainers

Functional Trainers

"One of the most important and popular pieces of strength equipment in recent years is the functional trainer. There is no other machine in the market that has the versatility of a functional trainer in the small space that it takes up.

Functional training helps provide you with the stability, mobility and strength that's required in your day-to-day life and to achieve peak athletic performance.

On the simple-looking unit, you can do over a hundred different exercises and move in any direction as the cable does not have to follow a fixed position.

Make sure you take a look at our number one selling functional trainer, The Element Fitness Neutron functional."
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Why Functional Trainers?

Whether you are looking at a Single Stack Trainer or a Multi Stack Trainer, Functional Trainers are one of the pieces of equipment that you can do virtually every exercise on. Equipped with cable pulley systems, they target just about any muscle group in your body! You can do hundreds of variations of key movements to isolate certain areas. You can change the pivot point so that you are lifting from a low point, or pulling from a high point. Plus, they come with interchangeable attachments, so you can use single hand grips or two hand grips.

Best buy Functional Trainers

Best buy Functional Trainers in Canada for full body work out. Popular models such as the Torque Fitness F2 Functional Trainer and Body Solid GDCC200, GDCC210 and GDCC250 Functional Training Centers are available. If you're looking for something more simple, maybe the Powerline Cable Crossover Machine is suited for you. Either way, we have something for you. We also have the fold-away F7 Strength Trainer by Torque, for those that want their equipment to save space or more seamlessly blend into their home setting.

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength Machine specifically designed to suit your needs.