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The Stick massage rollers are simple to use and provide controlled massaging actions on a variety of muscle groups. Portable and effective, The Stick self-massage rollers are ideal for preventing workout-inflicted injuries and elevating performance during resistance training.

The Stick massage rollers: features and specs

The Stick massage rollers are designed to increase blood and oxygen circulation to muscles, eliminating Lactic acid buildups and reducing soreness.

Self-massaging sticks have a flexible shape that conforms to your body, helping you warm-up for training sessions and speeding up muscle injury recovery.

The Travel Stick model is a flexible 17" long rod with 8 independent spindles. Thanks to its lightweight design and comfortable grips, it’s effortlessly used for self-massage, even for hard-to-reach body parts.

The Original Body Stick is a 17" long, 14 ounces massage rod with 16 independent spindles. It’s equally popular among male and female athletes because of its newly adapted ergonomic grips.

The Stiff Stick is the most rigid model. With 12 flexible spindles and a length of 24", it’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts and experts and sports professionals who seek deeper pressure during self-massage sessions.

Why should you use stick massagers in your workout routine?

Finding the optimal way to keep your skin elastic and muscles flexible is crucial in your fitness journey, regardless of your current fitness level and objectives.

Massage sticks work by compressing, stretching and warming the muscles while also inactivating trigger points and increasing circulation. This simple therapeutic action improves the quality of the connective tissue and allows your body to regenerate from muscle strains and injuries.

To use your stick massagers to the fullest, roll it over each target muscle group for 20 passes or about 30 seconds per area. The rolling will remove knots through compression and stretching, and it will promote a healthy blood and oxygen supply, which assists the natural recovery process.

Introducing The Stick, branded self-massage rollers

The founders of The Stick brand have been working on their designs for three decades. Numerous anecdotal studies revealed discoveries in muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance during years of clinical research, which pointed the brand toward success.

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