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The Treadmill Factory offers Torque Fitness products, including the fold-away trainer system elements such as FAST Series straight bars.

Torque Fitness specialized gear: features and specs

To help you maximize the potential of your Torque Fitness workout equipment, The Treadmill Factory offers a specialized FAST Series Straight Bar which adds tremendous workout versatility to your home gym setup.

Torque Fitness FSSB FAST Series Straight Bar moves in three-dimensional space like a free weight bar. It enables a variety of exercises from bench and standing positions.

The product features a 39-inch (99 cm) bar surface and quality foam padding for added comfort. The bar is FAST-Attach compatible for easy installation and detachment.

The FAST Series Bar is made to fit the Torque Fitness F5 and Torque Fitness F7 fold-away functional trainer models, known for innovative design and powerful results.

Use Torque Fitness gym equipment to uplift your training sessions

Torque Fitness F5 and Torque Fitness F7, upgraded with the FAST Series Straight bar, allow for functional, user-defined core strengthening exercise movements. The exercise variety will enable you to get optimal results of muscular adaptation.

When your body gets used to training the same muscle in the same manner, it can increase the risk of injury and stall the results you work hard to achieve. Torque Fitness equipment allows you to mix up the way you train, reducing the chance of strains, injuries, and disappointing outcomes.

Experiment with traditional, hybrid, and functional workouts while activating all muscle groups.

  1. Activate chest muscles with incline and chess presses and standing one-leg chest presses,
  2. Work on your back with standing back high rows, reverse flies, and wide grip chin-ups,
  3. Sculpt biceps and triceps with seated overhead curls, overhead triceps extensions, standing arm curls, and triceps press downs,
  4. Empower shoulders with sitting and standing shoulder presses,
  5. Develop strong abs with hanging knee rises,
  6. Never skip a leg day: lunge chest press combos will help you bulk up those muscles.

The value and power of the Torque Fitness brand

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