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Treadmill Factory provides the most extensive selection of True Fitness cardio exercise machines for home gyms and fitness centres. True Fitness equipment lineup includes indoor bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stretch gear that will help you unleash your full training potential.

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True Fitness is a perfect choice for cardio workouts

True Fitness offers a wide range of cardio fitness equipment designed for aerobic exercises that can help improve health, lose weight and stay in shape easier than ever. Their cardio machines are ideal for high-intensity interval training, running, cycling, walking lunges, crab walk, treadmill pushes, and other exercises.

True Fitness indoor bikes are versatile machines made to test your endurance and build stamina. Easily switch from pedaling at low to high intensity and vice versa for a genuinely intensive workout. Elliptical trainers will let you focus on specific areas like glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and core muscles.

They also offer stretch gear, which is an excellent choice if you want to improve your posture and warm-up for the rest of the workout.

Make the most of your True Fitness equipment.

True Fitness Canada gear is designed for beginners and advanced athletes. Burning calories and strengthening the body has numerous health benefits beyond positive changes in your physical appearance.

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True Fitness exercise equipment: features and specs

True Fitness products are known for their ergonomic design, sturdiness, and commercial-grade durable materials, making them one of Canada's top exercise equipment brands.

True Fitness exercise bikes are built for endurance, featuring a small footprint for maximizing your fitness facility space. They are fully customizable to help provide a truly personalized training experience with plenty of optional features like heart-rate control, Netpulse compatibility and more.

Durable and reliable, True Fitness treadmills are rugged performers designed to last and endure. Many models have features like heart rate monitoring systems, orthopedic shock-absorbing decks, space-efficient and solid steel construction, and convenient thumb controls.

True Fitness products are built for durability and effectiveness

True Fitness has been a brand dedicated to integrity and dependability ever since its inception in 1981. Their premium equipment is designed for both commercial and personal use and is renowned for its durability and effectiveness.

By partnering with True Fitness Canada, Treadmill Factory aims to consistently provide you with first-rate equipment that will help you build a healthy and strong body.