Element Fitness 20" Wooden Wobble Board - Commercial

Element Fitness 20" Wooden Wobble Board - Commercial

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Wooden Balance Board

The Element Fitness Wooden Balance Board is a staple piece of fitness equipment for balance training, personal training, sports conditioning and rehab clinics. Its strong construction allows this wooden balance board to withstand serious training workouts.

Fitness Equipment Features:

  • Durable MDF construction
  • Non-slip top surface
  • 20" Diameter
  • Perfect for balance training exercises for athletes or rehab exercises

TF Fitness Pro Tips

Wobble boards are a great tool that can increase our sense of proprioception which is the sense and awareness of the position of our body parts. Proprioception aids in many areas including improving range of motion, posture, balance and the coordinated movements you make on a daily basis. Proprioception exercises reduce the risk of injury by teaching the body to react appropriately to sudden changes in the environment. A good sense of proprioception is vital for many fitness activities.

Our Element Fitness Wobble board is a great tool to improve our sense of proprioception in the lower extremity, i.e. the ankle, and is most commonly used as a rehabilitation tool after ankle injuries. Wobble board exercises can start out very easy and progress to be more challenging. For example, using the element fitness 16' wobble board vs. the element fitness 20' wobble board which might present more of a challenge in the exercise due to the smaller diameter of the surface. Variations can also include sitting vs. standing while using our element fitness wobble board to increase difficulty of exercise.

Tinika Walters, B.S.C Kinesiology