6' x 50' Gorilla Athletic Turf Roll

6' x 50' Gorilla Athletic Turf Roll


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Gorilla Athletic Turf is our most popular artificial turf option for indoor facilities. The polyethylene yarn provides the softest feel while still holding up to heavy traffic. A 5mm foam pad allows the turf to react more like real grass than unpadded turf options - making Gorilla Athletic Turf extremely popular for any sports facility.No infill is necessary, save yourself the time of cleaning up the rubber pellets. Gorilla Athletic Turf Padded Artificial turf is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use and high traffic.

Colour: Green
Face Weight: 34 oz.
Yarn Type: Poly
Height: 1/2 in.
Backing: 5 mm
6' Wide by 50' Length

Typical Turf Uses:
• Indoor Sports Facilities
• Gyms/Strength and Conditioning Centers