ABMAT - Abmat

ABMAT - Abmat

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Length x Width x Height 14.5" x 11.75" x 2.75"
Colour Black


The AbMat offers a simple yet effective way to perform anatomically correct sit-ups that deliver the desired results while ensuring safety.

By providing lumbar spine support and eliminating the gap between your back and the floor, the AbMat enhances stability and isolates the abdominals for a complete core workout. When placed under your spine before a sit-up, the AbMat delivers a full stretch to your abdominal muscles, which is unachievable on a flat surface. As you lift, your pelvis receives the necessary support, allowing for complete muscle contraction and a more effective workout.

Made in the USA, AbMats boast a durable, antibacterial, single-mold, closed-cell foam construction that makes them easy to clean. The non-skid base and textured surface keep the AbMat firmly in place, allowing you to focus on achieving your workout goals with confidence.

No more relying on momentum or risking injury due to inadequate support—the AbMat provides the complete range of motion required for thorough core conditioning. The AbMat is a necessary and durable tool for achieving a complete core workout.