ABMAT - Abmat Firm

ABMAT - Abmat Firm

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Length x Width x Height 15" x 12" x 2.5"
Colour Black

ABMAT - AbMat Firm

Elevate your ab workouts to the next level with the AbMat Firm! Compared to the original AbMat, the AbMat Firm is 35% more dense, providing an intensified workout that targets not only your upper and lower abs but also your obliques and lower back muscles.

Positioning the AbMat Firm beneath your spine at the start of a sit-up provides a complete stretch of your abdominal muscles, which cannot be achieved on a flat surface. As you rise, your pelvis is supported, allowing your muscles to fully contract, leading to a more comprehensive and effective workout. The increased firmness presents an added challenge, requiring you to exert more force to maintain proper positioning while targeting additional muscles.