ABMAT - Abmat Mini

ABMAT - Abmat Mini

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Length x Width x Height 11" x 12" x 2"
Colour Black

ABMAT - AbMat Mini

Not everyone is built the same and neither are AbMats!

The AbMat Mini is specifically designed for younger athletes and those with smaller frames. It is four inches shorter than the Original AbMat, but still proudly handcrafted in the USA with the same high-quality, low compression set foam and durable vinyl exterior. It features a contoured design and non-skid bottom, providing stable positioning on almost any surface.

The AbMat Mini provides children and smaller athletes with the same benefits of using an AbMat during core-strengthening exercises. By supporting your lumbar spine and eliminating space between your back and the floor, the AbMat Mini increases stability while isolating your abdominals for a total core workout, just as inventor Fred Koch intended. By positioning the AbMat beneath your spine at the start of a sit-up, you experience a full stretch of your abdominal muscles, which is impossible to achieve on a flat surface. As you rise, your pelvis is supported, allowing your muscles to fully contract, leading to a more thorough and effective workout.