ABMAT - Loadable Dumbbell Cushions

ABMAT - Loadable Dumbbell Cushions

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ABMAT - Loadable Dumbbell Cushions

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My name is David Otey, and I am the inventor of the Loadable Dumbbell Cushion (L.D.C.).

To keep it short, I am an advisor for Men's Health Magazine and a 15-year Personal Trainer. Even more than that, I have been lifting weights since I was 13 years old.

Growing up, building a jaw-dropping physique was what I always wanted. I was raised looking up to the old-school bodybuilders of Venice Beach, which meant moving some serious iron to get arms that would stop Arnold in his tracks (if I have to explain who Arnold is, we haven't lived on the same planet).

The fact this issue has lasted as long as it has is a disservice to fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

This clean design and snug fit leave you with a simple and effective answer to a time-tested problem. The weight of the cushion is 2 oz which means there is no effect whatsoever on your lifting experience.

So grab those Dumbbells that have been getting less use than they deserve and put them back in service with the new Loadable Dumbbell Cushion from AbMat!