Assault AirBike ELITE

Assault AirBike ELITE

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Designed for strength, durability, and hardcore use, you will find yourself coming back day after day for more burn. In fact, we say this bike doesn’t just bring on the burn – it brings on the inferno.

Commercial durability with the AssaultBike Elite
Ideal for interval training with the AssaultBike Elite Ideal for interval training with the AssaultBike Elite Ideal for interval training with the AssaultBike Elite Ideal for interval training with the AssaultBike Elite Ideal for interval training with the AssaultBike Elite


We created the AssaultBike Elite with interval training and hard-core use in mind. Engineered with an upgraded design, the Elite intensifies resistance when speed is increased, and also provides the option for upper and lower body isolation. Finally, we’ve equipped this bike with the ability to pedal forward or backward for workout variation.

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    Professional-Grade Quality

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    Bulkier Steel Frame

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    Solid Steel Cranks

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    Built For Intense Training


Taking the air bike display into the future, this LCD display allows users to connect with Bluetooth and ANT. Monitoring your heart rate is straightforward, and you can quickly connect your mobile device for data tracking. Classic time, distance, and calorie goal programs are available, but especially exciting are the HIIT interval training programs available on the console.

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    Hi-Contrast LCD Screen

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    Bluetooth and ANT Connectivity

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    Connects to Assault Fitness App

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    Custom Programming Options

Improved console with LCD display with the AssaultBike Elite
More comfortable ride with the AssaultBike Elite


The AssaultBike Elite has been outfitted with a more comfortable and larger seat to offer exceptional support on for lengthier rides. We've also added a removable windscreen that can be easily used or removed for a more or less breezy ride.

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    Larger Ergonomic Seat

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    Multiple Seat Adjustment Options

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    Integrated Wind Screen


Display Hi-Contrast LCD screen with improved readability
Bluetooth Bluetooth and ANT connectivity
Seat Large ergonomic seat with multi-adjustment options
Frame Heavy Duty Steel Frame
Max User Weight 350 lbs
Weight 138.89 lbs
Length 55.08"
Width 26.26"
Height 55"

staff checkmark STAFF SCOOP

"Hey guys, my name is Patrick and I'm here at The Treadmill Factory in Markham. And today I'm going to be going over the assault bike elite. So this is assault's top of the line bike.

And as you can tell it has a heavy duty frame, meaning it's gonna be a lot more stable and a lot more planted on the ground. It also has the heavy duty seat post, meaning again, it's going to give you a lot more stability when you're on the bike.

And it's going to have an oversize seat. So it's gonna be a lot more comfortable than other bike seats. You also have the more ergonomic handles, so it's going to take a lot of pressure off the wrists. And it's just an added comfort to the overall experience.

On this bike specifically, you do get the elite console, and you're gonna have a lot more connectivity with the Bluetooth and Ant + plus. And it's gonna allow you to connect to apps like Assault on app, track your workouts, track your calories, all that kind of stuff.

So it's just gonna allow you to keep track of your fitness overall. Lastly, you do get the included windscreen on this bike, meaning it's gonna keep the wind out of your face. So it's going to keep that cold air away from you, you know, allow you to be more comfortable.

You're on the bike workout for longer, whatever it is, you're like, just going to keep that wind out of your face. If you want to learn more about this bike or have any other questions, feel free to contact me again. My name is Patrick, and I'd be more than happy to help you out." -Patrick from The Treadmill Factory

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