Body Solid SLS500 Pro ClubLine Leverage Squat

Body Solid SLS500 Pro ClubLine Leverage Squat

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Engineered to eliminate the risks of squats, the SLS500 enhances the benefits, increases effectiveness and carries a full commercial rating, making it perfect for any facility.

A biomechanically correct angled squat platform ensures peak effectiveness and safety through the exercises. A rounded calf block also provides extra range of motion making the SLS500 an ideal machine for those serious about squats.

The 11" Olympic Plate storage horns allow for smart weight plate management and an oval 11-gauge steel frame ensures stability and sturdiness throughout the exercise.


  • Biomechanically Correct Angled Squat Platform
  • Rounded Calf Block Provides Extra Range of Motion
  • Oval 11 Gauge Steel Frame
  • Plate Storage Horns
  • 11" Olympic Plate horns
  • W 61” X L 74” X H 67”


Assembled Weight: 397lb / 180.08kg
Assembled Dimensions: Width Length Height
61.30in / 1,557.02mm 67.20in / 1,706.88mm 74.40in/1,889.76mm