Body-Solid - Sissy Squat GSS50

Body-Solid - Sissy Squat GSS50

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Length x Width x Height 43.5" x 24" x 19"
Weight 46.3 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Model # GSS50

Body-Solid - Sissy Squat GSS50

The Body-Solid GSS50 Sissy Squat offers the perfect platform for training multiple muscle groups including abs, legs, and core while performing isolation exercises like quad-focused squats (sissy squats), deadlifts, russian twists, sit-ups and medicine ball tosses.

Features on the GSS50 include a non-slip treaded footplate, comfortable padding on both leg and foot pads as well as an adjustable leg pad for behind-the-knee support. Constructed with a powder coated heavy-gauge steel frame, the GSS50 is as durable as they come and carries a full commercial rating.

Intensify your workout by adding resistance with resistance bands, medicine balls, or dumbells.