CoreFx Suspension Trainers

CoreFx Suspension Trainers

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Looking for a fun way to get more strength and stability in your squat and more power in your pushups? Look no further than this suspension trainer!

The Suspension Trainer is a revolutionary at-home workout system that will change the way you look and feel. With the convenience of doorways, this bodyweight system delivers results.

The COREFX Suspension Trainer allows you to get in full-body workouts anywhere, anytime! The Suspension Trainer is an effective training tool, as it allows you to use your own body weight as a means of resistance, helping to improve your endurance and overall strength.

The COREFX Suspension Trainer delivers a full-body workout that will help you build a lean physique on the go. The Suspension Trainer is easily adjustable from 58in – 72in to meet the needs of your workout. Features an integrated door anchor , extension strap with clip (35.5in) and anti-slip TPE rubber handles.

Full Body


Designed for a full-body workout, the COREFX Suspension Trainer is easy to set up and clean. Grab the COREFX Suspension Trainer and get fit anywhere, anytime. Stretch your body while you build muscle at home or on the go.

full body workout
workout anywhere



Never be chained to the gym again. The COREFX Suspension Trainer allows you to work out virtually anywhere. Never worry about figuring out how to use complicated equipment; simply attach the integrated anchor to doors, poles, trees, posts, etc for a full-body workout. Supports up to 990 pounds.

suitable for both beginners & pros

Suitable for Both

Beginners & Pros

Don’t be intimidated. The amazing versatility of the suspension trainer will work for you whether you are an experienced athlete or a rookie. If you want to build muscle fast or improve your overall fitness, the suspension system will help you reach your goal!

CoreFx Suspension Trainer


Yet Effective

To fulfill your fitness needs, the Suspension Trainer uses gravity along with your body weight to help you build lean muscle and burn fat without any specialized equipment. A home gym staple.

CoreFx Suspension Trainer