Escape Step Platform

Escape Step Platform

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(risers not included)

Both platforms are made from polypropylene that’s strong yet allows a little ‘give’ for superb feel. It’s also light enough to ensure excellent portability. The top mats and stabilizing blocks are made from anti-slip thermoplastic rubber, so even the fastest moves can be performed safely and confidently.


Eye-catching colors bring this studio favorite right up to date, with anatomic targets on the top mats for precise workouts. A unique locking system means that STEPs and RISERs fit together securely in multiple combinations.


Don’t just stick to one platform surface per person: use a number of STEPs and/or RISERs to encourage people to travel backwards, forwards and sideways from unit to unit. Get people to use their feet and hands on the platforms, and use the built-in resistance tube channels for whole-body workouts.